Recutting and Repair - Buy, Sell and Broker your Diamonds.
Our cutters are some of the most skilled in the world. We cut from rough to finish and have repaired some of the most important diamonds in the world. We have state of the art technology and imaging software. We can cut and repair all shapes and specialize in producing Triple Excellent Round Brilliants. We have over 40 years of cutting experience and know there is more to cutting a diamond than facets and angles. Knowing what cut proportions the market will pay more for is just as important. We are sure we can help you with your cutting needs. Factory located at 608 Fifth Avenue, NY. NY.

We can buy your diamonds or we can help you bring your diamonds to market. Our reach into the diamond community is global. We can help you maximize your profitablity.

Please contact us if we can help you with any of these services.

608 Fifth Avenue,New York, New York. 10020/212.750. 6163 Fax212.688.5883
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