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More than 20 years ago Ann Rehs followed her love for diamonds and jewelry and went back to school. After a very comprehensive education from the GIA and filled with the passion for gem stones she entered the Diamond and Jewelry industry. She became a member of the most exclusive diamond industry trade organization, the New York Diamond Dealers Club, and started developing a customer base. When Alan Rehs graduated NYU he was given the opportunity to help his mother grow the business she had created. Alan also completed the Graduate Gemology course at the GIA and then began to apprentice with a diamond cutter. He was then accepted as a member for the Diamond Dealers Club. Together this mother and son business quickly develop customer throughout the world. Today they have offices and a cutting facility in New York. They purchase rough diamonds from legal sources around the globe and produce some of the world’s most important diamonds and diamond jewelry. They have taken leadership roles within the diamond Industry. Alan Rehs currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Diamond Dealers Club and the Diamond Importers and Manufactures Association. He has been very effective in bringing both organization into the information technology age. Ann Rehs has also served as an elected arbitrator for the Diamond Dealers Club to settle disputes amongst its members. Ann and Alan are respected leaders within the diamond industry and are committed to manufacturing the finest diamonds and jewelry in the world.


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