Diamond Cutters

 We dedicate a large part of our day to overseeing the production of our polished diamonds. We use: traditional tools like hand held measuring gauges, state of the art optical and laser equipment, a little imagination and years of experience to help plan the blueprint for each and every diamond. 


Our diamond cutters are some of the most skilled in the world. We cut from rough to finished and have repaired some of the most important diamonds in the world.  We can cut and repair all shapes, we specialize in producing Triple Excellent Round Brilliants. We have over 40 years of cutting experience and know there is more to cutting a diamond than facets and angles. Our knowledge of cut proportions and facet arrangements,  and how the market reacts to them  will help you maximize your diamond's value. We are sure we can help you with your cutting needs. Factory located at 608 Fifth Avenue, New York. NY.  

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 The old proverb is very apropos; rough diamonds appear to most as an interesting rock. Individuals outside the industry usually tell me if they saw one on the street they would not bother to pick it up. Natural rough diamonds grow under high pressure and high temperature deep within the earth over the course of millions of years. Under ideal situations diamonds will develop into pure carbon structure devoid of any impurities and into an octahedral shape (two pyramids base to base). However, it’s very rare for the perfect conditions to exist naturally. Rough diamonds can occur in almost any shape and the purity of its carbon crystal structure can sometimes create diamonds of varying clarity and color. Some “impurities” can create diamonds with wonderful colors. The element, boron, causes the very rare and beautiful blue diamond. Nature creates diamonds which are colorless and others in all colors of the spectrum some more rare than other. The rough diamond’s shape, purity, and color all factor into how it will be cut and its inner beauty brought out. 

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