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The foundation to all our jewelry is a belief that its design should be timeless. We strongly feel that the elegance of our design and quality of materials will produce jewelry that will be cherished for generations. The process begins with an idea and grows into a design. We then sit with our highly skilled jewelers and work together to bring the piece to life. Some designs have unique challenges and require a lot of thought and even several attempts before we are satisfied with how the pieces sits on a neck, wrist, ear or finger. We make sure our pieces are produced with the finest metal, and it is important to note that all metal of the same purity are not alike. Metal is melted and refined and then poured into silicon molds to create castings or refined into blocks of metal. When the metal is in its liquid state it may acquire air pockets, if they remain when the metal cools they will be trap. If the metal was prepared improperly and a large number of these air pockets remain, it can weaken the metal and affect its appearance. Once the metal has taken shape and the item is pre-polished it is ready for setting. Experienced setters carefully bend and twist metal to secure gem stones to this newly formed piece of art. The jewelry is then polished again to reveal all its magic. 

Building a 21cts Platinum Emerald Cut Bracelet, Rehs Co, Inc. Diamonds 
Wholesale: B2B

Building a 21cts Platinum Emerald Cut Bracelet, Rehs Co, Inc. Diamonds Wholesale: B2B