5.06 D Flawless Emerald Cut Diamond. Rehs Co, Inc. Diamond Cutters

Polished Diamonds


Our polished diamond inventory ranges from 0.50cts to 50cts. We cut and purchase diamonds of all shapes and qualities. We produce triple excellent round brilliants and  excellent cut fancies. We have important fancy colored diamonds; Pink, Blue, Green, and  Yellow. We specialize in finer makes, colors and clarity. We are sellers, we believe in offering  our goods at market prices and moving on to produce more inventory.

I learned as a young diamantier "it is better to sell and regret than it is to hold and get caught in a down market."  

4 C's


The 4C’s are essential to determining the value of any polished diamond. They are; Color, Clarity, Carat, and Cut.

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